Visualizations and Web

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Graphic Designs for Web and Print

Scientific/Research Oriented:

Website for Penn State's Science, Technology, and Society Program

Graphic design, information design, and Plone implementation.

Breast Cancer Maps and TRI Correlations

Data gathering, correlations, map production. (Click the image for more information on this study.)

Center for Ethics in Complex Systems

Logo and website design. (Click on images to get to site.)

Ethnic Theme Parks Project for Tamar Gordon

Photography and website design for video project.


2-of-Hearts Clothing

Logo, business card, and website.

Imperial Tea Court

Initial web redesign concept and product labels.


Website design and layout. Art by Anna Noel Rockwell.

Illuminata Stigmata - Theo Jak

Website design and layout. Art by Theo Jak.

FOG.COM for San Francisco Computer Museum

Website design and layout. Logo work.

Sonic Box

Poster design and layout.

George Coates Performance Works

Logo development and designs for web, multimedia theater, and print.


Bureau of Low Technology (BOLT with Blasthaus)

Slide designs for live visual projections and multimedia performances. These are a few samples for one show.


Alias. New Year's Cards. Flashcards for early readers.


T-Shirt designs for personal use.

Smashing Party Series - NIGH2K

Entire design for 10 millenial parties - one for each decade of the 20th Century. It was quite an interesting challenge trying to capture the design styles of 10 different decades.


Solidarity through data! Iconic designs for theory.

Vividyne Systems Incorpus

Personal company.

Earlier website Design, Coding, and Development

Web works:

"online" since 1984, on the "internet" since 1989, on the "world wide web" since 1994

  1. Center for Ethics in Complex Systems Full website design and server implementation, content co-development w/ team, full webserver maintenance. (2001-2004)
  2. 2-of-Hearts Entire design of logos, business cards and site. (2000, site never went completely live)
  3. Code development and implementation for Meuller Studios. (site version 1999)
  4. Fateish Website for artist Anna Rockwell, design and implementation. (site version 1999-2003)
  5. Illuminata Stigmata Website for artist Theo Jak, design and code of entire site. (1999-2004)
  6. Code development and implementation for Meuller Designs. (site version 1999, never went live)
  7. Code development and implementation for Meuller Studios. (site version 1999-2000)
  8. Eyes of Tammy Faye Code development and implementation for World of Wonder Media, advanced programming on site for documentary, opened at Sundance. (1999-2004)
  9. World of Wonder e-commerce Code development and e-commerce implementation for fully functional online catalog. (site version 1999-2001)
  10. M. Trinchero Winery Code development and implementation for Meuller Studios. (1999-2004)
  11. Code development and implementation, worked on production staff. (site version 1999-2000)
  12. NIGH2K Code development and implementation of website to the Smashing series of millenial parties in San Francisco. (site version 1999-2000)
  13. & Internet marketing design and strategy development. (site version 1998)
  14. George Coates Performance Works Site design, code development, and implementation. (site version 1998-1999)
  15. Artronic Archive Electronic Arts Archive for the San Francisco Computer Museum Project, design, development, and implementation. (site version 1997-2000)
  16. CoMA '97 Site design, development, and implementation for electronic arts festival. (site version 1997-2002)
  17. QA and interface consultant. (site version 1997)
  18. San Francisco Computer Museum's Design, code development and implementation. (site version 1996-2002)
  19. Technosapien Development and serving. (site version 1997-1998)
  20. Online Interactive VR - Code development and implementation. (site version 1997)
  21. Mother Tongue Design, code development, and implementation for a grassroots art gallery in Springfield, Mass. (1996-2004)
  22. Vividyne Systems Incorpus Design, code development, and implementation for personal company website. (site version 1996-2002)
  23. Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS) Design, code development, and implementation. (site version 1995-2001)
  24. Techne Design, code development, and implementation for technology theory site. (site version 1995-1996)
  25. Homo-Ambiento (Human Ambient) Design, code development, and implementation. (site version 1994-1996)

Photography (a few samples across various categories)