Ethical Dimensions of Nano Science and Technology Module

Feb 7 2012

I am pleased to be able announce the release of the nano technology and nano science ethics module in both "reader" and "slides" version. This is the first in a series on the Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Research program.
Slides version here. (For presentations.)
Reader version here. (For reading.)

Year of the Dragon (2012)!

Jan 23 2012

2011 was an interesting year for me, most certainly. However, 2012 will prove auspicious, transformative, and exciting. (Not always comfortable, but exciting!) I will be returning to this blog, and begin to respond more broadly to ongoing issues in the world relating to policy, energy, sustainability systems, and China. I also really like dragons... lots of dragons. So, time to really engage like one!! Argh... Thar be Dragons!

Re-emerging from other development work

Jan 26 2011

Finally, back to focusing on I've been away for a little while, mainly developing in Plone ( as opposed to Drupal. Honestly, it's good to be back in Drupal land. My main interest now in Drupal is using it to develop ethics education modules for iPads/tablets/slates. I see this as the next main teaching medium and suspect that the tablet format will be the next big thing in educational design.

Cloud Computing - Footprints

Sep 3 2010

The primary advantage for users of cloud services is their non-localization, yet the materiality of the infrastructure requires an evaluation of the ecological costs of cloud computing. Some significant questions come to mind, such as, how much energy does it cost to maintain these services? what are the land-use requirements for server farms? how much rare earth metals do cloud servers consume on a general basis, thus driving global demand significantly? how does the mining of these materials effect local environments? what is the cycle of product replacement?

Week is winding down... moving towards Spring Break!

Ah... starting to get caught up with things. Now, to catch up on grading and such. Need to turn my attention now to my book and back to my China projects.

Completed grant and proceeding on with the site upgrades

Still learning how to work drupal. Seems a little rough around the edges, but that is more because of themes. Still, I think the site will look good once I finish with it.

Was quite happy that we were able to get the NSF EESE grant submitted today. Feeling good about the product and process at least. We'll see, fingers crossed.

NSF Grant Submission Due

EESE Grant DUE....

Launching of new content management system

Mar 1 2010

This is my initial bleary eyed attempt to get a Drupal site up and running. I began on Feb 26th 2010. So far, lots of hurdles, but the progress bodes well. Now, if I can just figure out this iCal syncing situation.